UK official: Clear evidence Iranian missiles were used by Houthis

Jonathan Allen, the UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, said on Twitter there was clear evidence that Iranian missiles and other weapons were used by Houthis in Yemen.

Allen also included photos noting the Farsi keyboard on the explosive ship and the valve positions. “The valve positions exactly correlate to Iranian missiles; factory stamps from Iranian defence contractors; Persian calendar on gas cylinder in anti-tank missile,” he said.

“How and when did Iran missiles get to Yemen? Low-tech field weld (compared to ‘factory weld’) shows missiles cut in half, presumably for smuggling. Date stamp of 2015 shows supply after Yemen arms embargo,” Allen added on another photo.

Last month, the Yemeni army, aided by the Arab coalition, seized 13 Zelzal-1 missiles, which were primitively manufactured and developed by Iranian experts, after liberating areas near Al-Yatma in Jawf.



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