Ilham Aliyev on the new stage of space industry in Azerbaijan

Bakutel-2016 International Exhibition, turning into the most important event on telecommunications and information technologies in the Caspian region, plays the role of the space which presents the latest achievements of our country, of a number of States and the leading companies in the field of high technologies.

It is said in a welcoming message from the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to the participants of the 22nd Azerbaijan International Exhibition and Conference on Telecommunications and Information Technologies opened in Baku on November 29.

“The development of high technologies is defined as a priority in Azerbaijan, experiencing today a period of sustained progress. Our country has created favorable conditions to enjoy the benefits of modern technologies, provided with high-speed internet access, being an integral part of the daily life of society, and can be freely used. Digital broadcasting is currently under way. Thanks to modern techniques and technological innovations, the application of the “e-government” system in public administration has been extended”, – as it says in the message of the head of State.

“The establishment of technology parks, application of advanced technologies in all areas, state support for production and investment-oriented innovative projects, including concessional financial support, serve the development of start-ups, empowerment of young people and ultimately the dynamic growth of the economy”, – as outlined in the message.

It also notes that “Azerspace-1” and “Azersky” satellites secured Azerbaijan its rightful place in the global cosmic family and at the same time play a pivotal role in providing satellite-based services in the region.

“I believe that the launch of the next telecommunication satellite «Azerspace-2″ into orbit will lay the foundation for the new stage in the development of space industry in Azerbaijan”, – states the message from head of the Azerbaijani state.

Yalcin Aliyev, E.T.

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