Girl aged 7 trapped in besieged Syrian city posts heartbreaking tweet asking world for help

A young girl trapped in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo has issued a heartbreaking plea for help online, tweeting: ‘Dear world, we are really running out of food’.

Bana Alabed has been tweeting from the account @alabedbana since September 24, and her social media messages have offered a devastating glimpse into the city which has been the target for Syrian and Russian government attacks.

The warfare has also involved rebel forces who are fighting against Bashar al Assad and his allies – but time is now running out for around 275,000 people still in the city which was once one of the country’s largest.

Bana has tweeted about the deaths of friends – many of them children – from fighting and bombing in the city and the used of phosphorus bombs.

But on Saturday, amid worsening conditions, she posted her most tragic message yet.

“Good afternoon. Dear world, we are really running out of food. There’s no food in town even if you want to buy it.”

The message is signed Fatemah, Bana’s mum, and was followed soon after by a tweet of a text message said to be sent by the Syrian government warning residents that the bombardment is being stepped up on Monday.

Residents of eastern Aleppo on Sunday said that for days they had been receiving text messages urging them to leave in the next 24 hours. It was not possible to verify the authenticity of the messages or who sent them.

Jan Egeland, special adviser to the UN envoy for Syria, said on Thursday that the last food rations in besieged eastern Aleppo will run out by next week, according to CBS News .

na’s account has shared events including photos and comments on nearby bombings alongside images of normal daily life for a child, like drawing – although she and her little brother can no longer attend school.

“Good afternoon from #Aleppo I’m reading to forget the war,” Bana wrote in one post.

Her Twitter profile says: “Hi I’m Bana I’m 7 years old girl in Aleppo.

“I and my mom want to tell about the bombing here. Thank you.”

The idea for the Twitter account emerged after the little girl asked her mother why the world was no one around the world was not hearing or helping them, The Guardian reported.

Fatemah told the newspaper: “Bana asked me why is the world not hearing us? Why is nobody helping us?

“They think those besieged are terrorists, and as you can see we are just normal people.

“We are Syrians, we are the people of Aleppo.”

Aleppo has been deeply divided since 2012. The faltering rebel offensive was designed to break the siege on opposition-held eastern Aleppo.

The government siege left an estimated 275,000 people trapped, with no aid allowed in since July, amid a punishing bombing campaign.


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