Abu Dhabi: Police raid brothel

Police say they raided a boozy brothel in a residential area after receiving complaints from neighbours.

Abu Dhabi Criminal Court heard that a group of 21 Asian women and men had turned their apartment in a villa into a brothel where people drank alcohol.

Prosecutors said neighbours complained to police after suspecting the group was involved in illegal activities.

One male neighbour told police that the women staying in the villa apartment in the capital, would frequently bring in various men, and sometimes spent a short time or long hours inside with them before they left.

“I used to see various men entering into the apartment with the women,” said the Arab neighbour.

“I was shocked when I later found out they engaged in prostitution.”

He said the group also used to drink alcohol from the apartment and would make a lot of noise, which disturbed him and other neighbours.

Police investigated the matter after receiving complaints from the people residing in the neighbouring apartments and villas.

The force later raided the apartment and arrested 21 people including six men and 15 women found in the apartment.

“They were caught drinking alcohol and other women were in intimate positions with men,” said officers.

These illegal activities were mostly carried out at night and over the weekend, said officers.

Prosecutors charged the group with engaging in prostitution and the illegal drinking of alcohol.

Some of the defendants were charged with illegally staying in the country after their visas had expired.

They all denied the charges when they appeared in court.

A lawyer, representing two of the women, said her clients caught standing on the street near the villa and that there was no evidence to prove that they were part of the group.

The trial was adjourned until November 16.

Source: 7days.ae

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