Putin: About 9000 from former Soviet Union fighting in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated today that in Syria about 4,000 Russian citizens are fighting alongside the terrorist groups, plus another 5,000 from republics of the former Soviet Union.
The Federal Security Service and Military Intelligence estimate a figure of 4,000 Russians in Syria and about 5,000 from the ex-Soviet republics, the head of state said when meeting with officials from the Northern fleet.

If we take into account the validity of our visa exception agreements with the neighbors of the former Soviet Union, we can understand the danger posed by the situation in Syria for our territory, he warned.

That is why, by carrying out missions in Syria, we also guarantee the security of our country, said the Head of State, referring to the action of the Russian Air Force against terrorist bands in Syria.

At the same time, he pointed out that the Russian military dealt a severe blow to the terrorists, which was also possible, he said, thanks to the cooperation of all the countries that participate in the international fight against this scourge.

Source: plenglish.com

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