America behind Saudi war on Yemen

The United States is the “ultimate force” behind Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen, says Joe Lombardo, coordinator at United National Antiwar Coalition.

“It is Saudi Arabia that is doing the bombing. It is with weapons that have been provided by the United States … the logistics for all those airstrikes comes from the United States. The United States is helping enforce the Saudi blockade of Yemen, it has an aircraft carrier in the region and a several other war vessels in the region,” the analyst told Press TV.

Saudi warplanes have carried out a series of fresh airstrikes against residential areas across Yemen, leaving a number of people dead and causing more material damage in the impoverished Arab country.

Lombardo also stated the world has to put pressure on Washington to stop the war in Yemen which is where the decisions are being made.

“The news media at least in United States is not covering Yemen at all so it really takes the movement separate from the major new media and alternative media to publicize more about Yemen and to put pressure on the United States,” he added.

The analyst further said the United States is using Saudi Arabia as its “proxy force” to achieve what it wants in North Africa and the Middle East.

He also mentioned Washington cannot tolerate any independence from its policies which justifies all the wars it is conducting in the region.

Yemen has been under Saudi military strikes since late March 2015. The war was launched in a bid to reinstate Hadi, who has stepped down as Yemen’s president but is now seeking to grab power by force.

The United Nations puts the death toll from the military aggression at about 10,000.

Yemeni army forces together with fighters from the allied Popular Committees are fighting back the Saudi invaders and occasionally launch retaliatory attacks on the kingdom’s soil.


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