UAE’s flight attendants ranked among world’s ‘beautiful’

From the time you take off for your exciting destination, to the time you descend back to earth, these flight attendants make your journey less tiring and more delightful with their charm and heartwarming smiles. They are not only gorgeous, glamorous and stylish but also life savers, servers of food and beverages, and safety professionals.

They work odd hours several thousand feet in the air. Don’t be fooled by their fresh faces and smiles — they look nothing like what they go through.

Crew members from across the world shared their selfies or #crewfies on social media network A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge.

As reported by FlyGuy, out of the thousands of photos, their panel of judges have selected 60 #crewfies from 49 countries.

Here are some of the most beautiful flight attendant selfies from across the globe, in no particular order:

1. United Arab Emirates – Emirates

2. USA – United Airlines

3. Egypt – EgyptAir

4. Spain – Privilege Style

5. Saudi Arabia – Saudia 

6. The Philippines – AirAsia Philippines

7. Iran – Qeshm Air

8. United Arab Emirates – Etihad Airways 

9. Afghanistan – Safi Airways 

10. Canada – Air Canada 


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