The wife of the chief Saudi diplomat reveals the secrets of her husband?!

According to Kuwaiti daily newspaper al-Qabas, Mrs. Farah al-Fayez, 27, the ex-wife of Saudi playboy foreign minister and former Saudi envoy to Washington, started divorce proceedings in a British court. The Kuwaiti newspaper claims that Adel al-Jubeir, the 50-year-old saudi diplomat (the youngish-by-Saudi-standards) has been enmeshed in yet another public disgrace by taking part in “obnoxious male parties in Thailand”.

Farah al-Fayez

Farah al-Fayez

Mr. Jubeir has been virtually indifferent to these unsubstantiated rumors. “No, he’s not granting any requests for interviews,” one press aide at the Saudi Embassy in London said on Monday. “People from British media keep calling and calling — he doesn’t want to talk regarding this private matter.”

Adel al-Jubeir

Adel al-Jubeir

“My worst nightmare has materialized; I received the shock of my life by finding undeniable proof and Adel has finally admitted it himself a week ago. I believe any marital crisis is dreadful, but the discovery that you have a homosexual and mendacious husband can throw your whole world into a tailspin. The collapse of this marriage caused a horrible array of feelings to my four children, especially in the traditional Saudi milieu, ruining the gamut of shame, disappointment and anger. Everything was below the radar until I found incontrovertible evidence indicating that Adel has his coterie of homosexual friends in Thailand,” al-Qabas quoted Mrs. al-Fayez as saying. The shame a Saudi woman feels, added, upon discovering her husband is homosexual, is enough to make her to commit suicide. It is like a waking nightmare.

In 2001, when Saudi officials admitted that a huge amount money from a prominent princess and the wife of the Saudi ambassador to Washington have been diverted to two of the Sept. 11 hijackers, it was Adel Jubeir, deceitfully in handmade Western suits, took to the airwaves to ensure American television viewers that Saudi Arabia is America’s number one ally.

Ironically, LGBT citizens’ rights are not recognized in Saudi Arabia and to the consternation of Human Rights activists; the U.S. government does not reprimand its close Arab ally for brutally violating its citizens’ inalienable rights. If apprehended, the Saudi homosexual/transsexual victims would be severely punished, in most cases being sentenced to decapitation.


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  1. According to the leaks, Adel Al-Jubeir and his Jewish friend Akai in Texas, USA, then fell into debt, and Akai rescued him and appointed him as ambassador in Washington, then as Saudi foreign minister, provided that he was a spy for Israel and worked according to the instructions of the Mossad.
    Finally, he discovered that he was gay.
    It is strange that all traitors in the history of betrayal are all homosexuals and practicing homosexuality.
    It is not surprising that the traitor, Adel Al-Jubeir, fell into betrayal and perversion.
    In Saudi Arabia, gays and traitors are sentenced to death.
    So why was the not executed traitor, Adel Al-Jubeir?

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