Prague puts Jerusalem back on maps as Israel’s capital

Jerusalem is on the map!” says Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat after Czech government cancels directive ordering companies printing atlases used in schools to name Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital. Original decision stemmed from complaint by Palestinian envoy.

The Czech government announced Wednesday it was shelving adecision to cease naming Jerusalem the capital of Israel in the textbooks used in the country’s schools.

Last week, the Czech Education Ministry ordered the publishing house printing atlas to cease naming Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in its atlases.

The decision followed an official complaint made by Palestinian Ambassador to Prague Khaled Alattrash, who claimed that labeling Jerusalem as the capital of Israel does not concur with international law, and offended the Palestinian people.

 Jerusalem and Prague maintain friendly ties, and the decision enraged Israel.

“This is a reprehensible decision. Palestinian incitement knows no bounds, It is no longer satisfied with poisoning the minds of Palestinian youth — now it wants to spread lies and misinformation among Czech youth as well,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Earlier this week, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat urged the Czech government to reverse the decision, and the latter decided to comply.

Jerusalem is on the map!” Barkat said in a statement Wednesday. “The truth has indeed vanquished the lies.”

“I’m glad the letter I sent the Czech prime minister, along with added diplomatic efforts, helped change the decision. I would like to thank the Czech government for making the right decision and for not caving to the Palestinian lies and incitement.”

The friendship between the Czech and Jewish people, he said, “is intertwined throughout history. Now the next generation of Czech students can learn the one and only truth — Jerusalem is the capital, the beating heart, of Israel.”


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