Outrage as Muslim cemetery becomes terrorist pantheon

East Jerusalem cemetery where many terrorists are buried has become a magnet for Palestinian radicals, with visitors laying flowers on terrorists’ graves • Advocacy group warns the site is “a breeding ground for incitement,” calls for ban on access to it.

The Muslim cemetery near Herod’s Gate in east Jerusalem, where some of the perpetrators of the past year’s terrorist attacks are buried, has become a magnet for Palestinian radicals and a de facto Palestinian national monument.

It is adorned with Palestinian flags, and Palestinian families, including children and teenagers, flock to the site daily to place flowers on the graves of terrorists, who are celebrated as heroes. Visitors often share pictures of themselves with their fingers held in the “V” for victory sign next to the graves.

The grave of Baha Alyan, who together with another terrorist boarded a bus in Jerusalem in 2015 and shot and killed three passengers, is particularly popular.

Maor Zemach, who heads the Lach Yerushalayim (“For You Jerusalem”) advocacy group that seeks to safeguard Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, told Israel Hayom that Israeli authorities must crack down on visitors who glorify terrorists.

“Letting this practice take place at the heart of the Israeli capital, having terrorist being honored in broad daylight without anyone lifting a finger, is just mind-boggling,” he said.

“This cemetery is becoming a breeding ground for incitement that could bring about more terrorism and violence, which brings more bloodshed, I call on Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan to prevent access to this place immediately.”

Source: www.israelhayom.com

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