Military parade in Yerevan: shame and disgrace to the “strongest army” in the Caucasus

In Armenia, they talked so much about the Independence Day military parade in Yerevan, lent an air of mystery to it, that Azerbaijani military experts were really looking forward to this action. Frankly, the author of these lines was also intrigued, especially after the catchy subtitle in one of the reports on the parade: “Now Azerbaijanis will have to forget Karabakh!”

But the trick, however, didn’t work.  I watched a few videos about the preparation for the parade, observed very few Yerevan passers-by glancing indifferently at spotted KAMAZ trucks parked between soviet “khrushchyovkas”. Actually, a video about the parade was heavily littered with several interviews with Armenian militaries and experts, who swore that “Azerbaijanis will have to forget”…”.

Yes, the central point of all clips that I’ve seen, were four, I believe, trucks with enormous “Iskanders”.

If they threaten us with this particular technology, then, let me remind that Russia has missiles with nuclear warheads that can fly all the way to New York, and Americans have similar missiles standing by, aimed at Moscow. But both superpowers are afraid to pull the triggers, rightly expecting a strike back in such a case. Therefore, if those “Iskander” belonged to Armenians and they would have suddenly launched them, due to their innate negligence, then, sorry, but firing Azerbaijani “Kasirga” missiles (produced in Turkey) from Nakhchivan at Yerevan is much more convenient. And we can reach the capital of the enemy state from Baku surroundings as well, by various “means of delivery”.

And the fact that these “Iskander” belong to and are based on the 102nd Russian base in Gyumri, indeed makes the Yerevan parade look bad. So they are showing off someone else’s arms, of the country they allegedly freed from and celebrating the 25th anniversary of “independence” in such a strange manner. It is a shame and an absurdity. The rest of the rocket launchers wheeled out to the streets of Yerevan, were no different from what was seen before, and definitely could not be better and more effective than similar Azerbaijani armaments.

Armenians showed the Russian radio-electronic means against small size unmanned aircrafts. Generally, after the April war in Karabakh, an assortment of military supplies to Armenia is dictated by Azerbaijani journalists: as soon as we started to laugh at zinvors getting hit from above by drones, Yerevan immediately announced the beginning of its own development of anti drone systems. Of course, they could not create them on their own, but it was brought from Russia. It is an ordinary truck loaded with spotted antennas and metal boxes with electronics. By the way, they can easily fall apart into pieces if hit by a regular projectile.

But I was disappointed because I did not notice the girls from the Armenian military, shooting glances around with their black eyes. They used to appear a couple of times in Armenian videos and photos, with “commando style” face paint, holding their frail little hands on triggers of anti-aircraft guns.  I didn’t see the other girls either, those acting like snipers, though of course, they could have been sneaked in the back of military trucks, I was just watching the wrong video. It’s a pity… When I saw those “snipers” for the first time, I thought: what a spectacle would it be if an Azerbaijani explosive bullet, fired from “Istiqlal” sniper rifle, hit that “pretty face”…

And, of course, with a good mood I was waiting to see brave Armenian priests that were waving embroidered robes on one of Yerevan’s past parades. It’s some kind of know-how in the Armenian army – military chaplains unit, whose duties include quick memorial prayers for zinvors, punished by our asgars for the occupation of Azerbaijani lands. I didn’t see Armenian priests marching at the parade yesterday. Maybe, I just missed it, some say they have eventually passed in formation. But the Armenian militarists need the priests from Echmiadzin. If I were Serzh Sargsyan, I’d increase the number of priests in the army, since there will be a great need for them soon.  After all, they will need to read prayers in crunch mode for the souls of ashots and vazgens sent to their ancestors by Azerbaijani soldier.

Author: Kamal Ali

Source: Azeri.Today

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