Beauty Queen of Russia sells her virginity in Dubai

A teenage beauty queen has flown to Dubai from her home in Russia to sell her virginity for £10,000, her mother claims.


Seventeen-year-old Anna Feschenko is a model and was a runner-up Miss Moscow earlier this year. Anna told her mum that a trip to Dubai was part of her prize but her friends have reportedly said this isn’t true and that she has actually joined an escort agency to sell her virginity to rich Arab clients.

As soon as she found out what was going on, Anna’s mum, Olga, sent her a series of text messages which were begging her to come home, but so far she hasn’t. Anna’s friends believe she was planning on using the money to pay for her education.

Anna’s friend and travelling companion, Ekaterina, told the Daily Mail: “I travelled there because Anna invited me and said that it was a prize paid for by the Miss Moscow contest. In two days we had a scandal when I got to know the truth about why we were there. I told Anna that I was not going to stay and would go home.”

Olga has since gone to the police. However, police say there isn’t much they can do as Olga had granted her permission to leave.


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