Azerbaijan accused Armenia of settling Syrian Armenians in Karabakh

Azerbaijan bears the biggest burden of displacement for per capita IDPs in the world.

According to Report, it was said by Chief of the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Firudin Nabiyev, during his speech in New York at the Summit for Refugees and Migrants.

“It is more than 25 years that Armenia grossly violating norms and principles of international law continues efforts towards consolidation of its aggression policy, as well as current status-quo and hinders return of thousands of Azerbaijani IDPs to their homeland. Furthermore, it should be mentioned with regret that Armenia taking advantage of current refugee and migrant crisis settles Armenians from Syria in occupied territories of Azerbaijan”, –  Nabiyev said.

He reported that Azerbaijan has undertaken all the problems of IDPs forced from their homeland. According to him, measures on employment, education, accommodation, medical and social provision of these persons are continuously implemented by Azerbaijani Government. In particular, around a hundred modern settlements have been built for them. In total, during the past 20 years, said Nabiyev, approximately 6 billion dollars have been spent to solution of social problems of IDPs in Azerbaijan.


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