Sargsyan’s regime in agony: Armenia banned the sale of weapons

According to the newspaper “Haykakan Zhamanak”, after the capture of the building of the Armenian police patrol service regiment and the following events, the sale of arms in Armenia was banned. To clarify this information, a correspondent of the newspaper visited the shops that sell firearms as a buyer.

In one of the stores an employee clarified in detail why the windows of their shops are empty. The seller said that these days, in connection with the events in the territory of patrol service regiment (PPS) and neighboring areas, they only sell air guns, which do not pose any threat and do not require registration. “More serious weapons, which we sell only after registration, were collected from the shelves, as the police reported that they do not intend to register those”, – he added.

“The press service of the Police of the RA has not refuted, but neither has it confirmed our information concerning the sale of weapons. In response to the question of our correspondent on how long has the sale of arms been banned, on what grounds and when the process is going to be restored, the police said: “We have no such information”. Besides the fact that the police banned the sale of weapons, according to our information, hunters and other gun owners are required to hand over their weapons”, – writes the newspaper.


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