Russian Foreign Ministry called to investigate the use of toxic gases in Aleppo

The Russian Foreign Ministry called on the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to investigate the use of toxic gases in Aleppo.

The director of the Department of non-proliferation and arms control at the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the Russian military workers in the field have confirmed incident of the use of chemicals in Aleppo by armed groups are considered, according to the American assessments of the group of the so-called “moderate opposition” and that needs to be an investigation.

The Russian Center for reconciliation in Syria announced that seven people were killed and 23 were injured due to the use of toxic substances by “Noureddine al zenky” movement in Aleppo.

She  Maria Zakharova Russian Spokesman-speaking called Western media to the courage and break the silence about the armed crimes and human losses caused by strikes by alliance Washentun . Commenting on the recent chemical attack in Aleppo wrote Zakharova at her page of the Facebook site today, “Nur ad-Din” movement backed by Washington faced many accusations of committing massacres against civilians, including women and children in the neighborhoods of Aleppo out of the armed groups control area.

Mugireny added that The talk about a possible chemical weapons attacks raise serious concern.
On the ground, the Syrian and Russian warplanes destroyed dozens of vehicles in front “Huweiz”, in the vicinity of “Wisdom School” and an near  “project 1070 apartments” and the gunmen dead reached to 250, including 11 field commander.


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