High-Ranking terrorist leaders destroyed in past 24 hours

Syrian military forces continued their advances against terrorist groups in the mountainous regions North of the newly-liberated town of Kinsibba and took back one more strategic mountain.

The Syrian army men inflicted major losses on the terrorists and pushed them back from al-Qal’ah mountain in six hours of bloody battle.

Terrorist groups left scores of the dead and wounded member behind and fled towards the borders with Turkey.

Al-Qal’ah mountain overlooks Lattakia’s border with Turkey, Idlib, and the Northern regions of Karmil, Zeitouneh, Shamiseh and Jabal Sheikh Hassan.

In relevant development in the province on Tuesday, the Syrian army soldiers, on their way towards Kinsibba, captured Heights 428.5, 404.5, 485.19 and 417.5 overlooking al-Qala’ah mount in Turkmen mountain, inflicting major losses on the militants.

The Syrian army men also ended their mop-up operations in Ein al-Qantarah height and other heights in Northeastern and Northwestern sides of Kinsibba.

The villages of Marj al-Zawiyeh and Beit Janavar in the Western side of Kinsibba were cleaned up by the Syrian army troops leaving tens of militant dead or wounded.

In Aleppo:

After intense merciless strikes on militant positions in south Aleppo, a handful of extremely significant top-ranking commanders were neutralized marking one of the bloodiest days for an Islamist commander during the Syrian conflict.

1. Libyan field commander in Jaish Al-Fateh Mohammad Al-Haj Abboud, dubbed Abu Ahmad Al-Libi by his peers.

2. Commander of Liwaa Al-Islam (Islam Brigade), that is part of Ahrar Al-Sham, Abo Al-Hassan Al-Shami killed by an SAA artillery shell in south Aleppo.

3. Jaish Al-Islam’s military commander of the 8th Brigade Kamal Ahmad

4. Jaish Al-Fateh commander Ahmad Al-Hayek killed by Syrian Army fire in Ramousah.

5. Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (previously Al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat Al-Nusra) commander Abdel Qader Na’asani also killed in south Aleppo.

6. Emir of the Elite shock troops (inghimassiyeen) of the Al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham called Abu Al-Muthanna by his peers- arguably the most significant one between the aforementioned commanders.

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