Google under attack for deleting Palestine from maps app

The Palestinian Journalists’ Forum has denounced Google for removing the name of Palestine from Google maps and changing it to Israel.

In a press-release yesterday, the forum stated Google’s decision to remove Palestine from its maps on 25 July “is part of the Israeli scheme to establish its name as a legitimate state for generations to come and abolish Palestine once and for all.”

“The move is also designed to falsify history, geography as well as the Palestinian people’s right to their homeland, and a failed attempt to tamper with the memory of Palestinians and Arabs as well as the world.”

The forum also stated that the move was “contrary to all international norms and conventions”, stressing that Google should back track this move.

Google is also known to be linked directly to the CIA, the products of the company are used for global surveillance conducted for the US. The company openly supports LGBT and manipulates search results in a pro-liberal way.


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