Dubai firm builds school in quake-hit Nepal

Employees of Dulsco, a human resource solutions and waste management services company in the UAE, recently visited a Nepalese village as part of a project to build a school for around 150 children.

They travelled to Narayanpur in western Nepal as part of the Adopt a School project of Dubai Cares, a philanthropic organisation working to improve children’s access to quality primary education in developing countries.

Dulsco has also contributed to Dubai Cares’ Nepal earthquake reconstruction programme that focuses on the restoration of schools damaged during the severe earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015.

Representatives from Dulsco’s senior management recently visited Narayanpur to inaugurate the adopted school. The school will also indirectly benefit approximately 300 adults, teachers and community officials. The Narayanpur community has invested more than 500 volunteering hours towards the construction of the school.

The school was constructed by BuildOn, the implementation partner for Dubai Cares in Nepal.

“The Dulsco team was involved right from the initial phase of this project and, along with its partners, ensured that the whole programme was successfully implemented until the completion phase. Dulsco staff spent time with the villagers, students and staff of the school during their visit to Nepal to understand the challenges faced and provided their guidance and support, and shared their thoughts on the roadmap ahead,” said S. Balakumar, managing director, Dulsco.

The company contributed to the construction of the rural school in recognition of “the critical role education plays in eradicating poverty”.

Balakumar added: “In order to break the vicious cycle of poverty, we need to take into account all of its causes. Dulsco and Dubai Cares are targeting the best long-term solution to poverty, which is education, as we build schools in different countries with various development needs such as Nepal. In this global march towards achieving developmental milestones, non-governmental organisations [NGOs] and agencies continue to implement various programmes to alleviate poverty in its all forms. This initiative is one small step in Dulsco’s commitment to the community and to the [UN] Sustainable Development Goals.”

Highlighting the importance of adopting new schools in developing countries and supporting the reconstruction of schools damaged during the earthquake, Dubai Cares CEO Tareq Al Gurg said: “Without access to education, many children will remain uneducated, illiterate, and void of the opportunities to build sustainable living environments, leaving them in poverty, and sentencing their children to the same fate. The opportunities to invest in the future of generations that will renovate and grow entire communities and economies are vast, but taking the first step is the most critical, and often the most difficult. I commend Dulsco for taking the initiative and partnering with us in this noble cause. Together we strive to empower children and ultimately improving the prospects of communities at large”.

Balakumar also noted that Dulsco has many Nepali employees. “This initiative is our gesture of thanks to the Nepali community for their loyal support and contribution to the company’s growth.”


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