Your first time in Dubai? – You need to know 10 facts before you go to Dubai

Time Out has 10 Dubai tourism facts you need to know, including visitor numbers, how much they spend, where tourists are from and information on Expo 2020


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If you’ve finished scrolling through the gallery above, let’s go over some important Dubai tourism-related news from the last few days.

In keeping with the objective of achieving a whopping 20 million visitors for Expo 2020, Dubai will get an additional 10,000 new hotel rooms in 2016.

According to a report by JLL consultants, 621 rooms opened in the first quarter of this year, meaning another 9,400 still have to be made available by December 31.

Another really interesting recent stat is that on March 31 there were a total of 82,760 rooms across Dubai, according to research group STR.

But the supply of new rooms has surpassed demand and a 1 percent drop in occupancy from 2015 to 2016 has resulted in the average price for a room dropping from Dhs859 to Dhs811. Great news for ‘staycationers’ and tourists!


The UAE government has also shown keen interest in getting greater numbers of middle-class Chinese and African tourists over to the Emirates with more budget-friendly holiday packages, the Financial Times wrote on Wednesday.

Even if you and your circle don’t fall into this category but you are after a cheaper holiday deal for friends and family visiting Dubai, this is definitely news worth cheering for.

It proves that although Dubai and the UAE have successfully developed into luxury tourism hotspots, there’s been a realization that in order to achieve the objective of 20 million yearly tourists, cheaper accommodation has to be more readily available.

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If you haven’t done so already and you’re better at digesting info through imagery, go to the top of the article and scroll through the cool infographic pictures showing ‘10 key Dubai tourism facts you need to know’, put together by creative geniuses Go-Gulf Web Design.

By the way, have you seen what the Expo 2020 site will look like?



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