Unfinished business for Barack Obama

Nijat Hajiyev

Journalist, Azerbaijan


In his way to the political scene, the current President Barack Obama, addressing his voters, talked about the US economic well-being and how it will emerge from the crisis that the United States were facing at that moment. At that point no one could think that this president and at the exact time of the economic crisis will take on reformatting the world order. Starting in 2011, the Arab countries of the Maghreb (western North Africa) started the revolution and the overthrow of the dictatorships that reigned there, at least for 30 years. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, fell like dominoes, and Syria was even thrown under the knife of ISIL. While in Tunisia and Egypt there were elements of democracy, in Libya everyone witnessed how Americans can nicely “dump” their allies, which they don’t need any more.  It should be noted, that as the result of the fall of dictatorships, life in these countries did not become more democratic, and turned into chaos. The Government of Turkey has immediately realized an impending wave and joined the United States’ wave too, but in spite of that the US started this long game to plunge the Middle East into the chaos. USA wave was cut down in Syria and Assad managed to resist because of Hezbollah forces, Iran and partly Russian. But of course it is superficial, and if Turkey would really be against Assad, the situation would be radically different. In order not to be an enemy in the eyes of its allies in the West, Turkey on the one hand was against Assad, and on the other hand strengthened its position in Syria, having extensive contacts with the Syrian authorities and the opposition. In other words, during the US operations in Syrian, it was Ankara that gained more ground in the region than Washington, Moscow, Tehran, Tel Aviv, and Brussels, which of course impacts the US interests. In this situation, the US government has decided to beat the circumstances and plunged Turkey into a world of chaos to overthrow its government inconvenient for them.  On the one hand the issue of the Kurds in Turkey came up, on the other hand overthrowing Bashar al-Assad became secondary issue, and  arming Syrian Kurds came to the fore, which have started to defeat the IS, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, radicalize Turkish Kurds. Ankara has officially accused the West of arming Syrian Kurds and the United States for its part has repeatedly reported that they will continue to support the Syrian Kurds. And the main ally of the United States on the Middle EastTurkey – seemingly turned into the main enemy. That’s why the White House decided to overthrow Erdogan and Turkey together with him, which prevents them from creating Kurdistan in the Middle East.  In other words, the foundation of the events that we see today was laid in 2011 in Tunisia, and Erdogan knew it, preparing for it for a long time.  The people and the army supported Erdogan and now he came out a winner of this confrontation, leaving Obama with loose ends to tie.  Now, however, the new US leadership will have to find a new way to build relations with Turkey, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East. But no one has doubt that the US will keep trying to divide Turkey.  And no matter what Kerry and Obama are saying now regarding the need to support the legitimate authority in Turkey, the fact remains that the rebels fled by helicopter to Greece and points the true organizers of the coup.  If Erdogan, ultimately, will be the winner of this confrontation, the West will have to put up with the new Turkey, which is no longer the target country. If we interpret the incident from a historical prism, the last time it was Necmettin Erbakan – Erdogan’s political ideologist – who was overthrown in Turkey. The policy, that Erbakan failed to implement at the time, is successfully carried out by Erdogan today.  As for Erdogan, he can be viewed in different ways. He is not the most democratic president of Turkey, perhaps not even the most successful one, but the fact that Turkey under him achieved the best economic performance and became a player in the political arena of the world, remains as a fact. Now Turkey will be more likely to weaken the external involvement in the internal affairs of Turkey and to build a strong security system.

Nijat Hajizade, journalist, political observer at Novosti-Azerbaijan.

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