NATO trace in a military coup in Turkey

Reports that US General John F. Campbell was the organizer of a coup d’etat in Turkey surprised no one. Recall that the July 25th edition of the Turkish  Yeni Safak, close to President Recep Erdogan’s AKP party, reported that General John F. Campbell, former U.S. commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), a NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan, was the organizer of the July 15th military coup attempt in Turkey. The sources stated that he was also involved in the financing of the coup participants and the reshuffling of air base personnel while visiting the base on the eve of the coup attempt. After an unsuccessful coup attempt the Turkish generals Cahit Bakır and Şener Topçu were detained in Dubai airport. Both worked with Campbell in Afghanistan, where they commanded the Turkish contingent within the NATO forces.

However, these are not the only clues in the Turkish coup plot which directly points to NATO as the mastermind of the coup. There are some other information regarding this issue:

1. The same coup participants stationed at the Turkish Air Force,  were the most NATO-integrated structures of the Turkish Military, and this gave to the observers the first evidence of NATO involvement in the military putsch. The Incirlik Air Base, where the US military was based was used by the putschists to launch air strikes on the Turkish parliament. The base is jointly used by the US and Turkish Air Forces. After the coup attempt, it was suppressed by the Turkish commander of the base. General Bekir Ercan Van was arrested by the troops loyal to Erdogan. General Van sought asylum from the United States but was denied. In the aftermath of the coup, external electrical power from Turkey was cut to the base and a Turkish no fly order had been put into effect for US military aircraft in the area. On July 30th the base was blocked by Turkish troops on information about a second coup attempt.

2. From the very beginning Western media spread disinformation, that President Erdogan flee the country. American NBS mentioned high ranking US military, proving the information. Thus the US military was directly involved in the disinformation during the most critical early hours of the failed coup operation.
The US alternative media Newsbud has identified Former NATO Commander-Retired US Army General John F. Campbell as the ‘likely’ NBC News’ source.

3. The majority of those arrested after the coup attempt were people related to the NATO structure. The the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, speaking at a forum on security organized by the Aspen Institute in Colorado last week, declared that after the coup “many of our interlocutors have been purged or arrested”.

Curtis Scaparrotti, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe confirmed this information, stating that:

“Some of the officers that we have our relationships with in Turkey are now either detained, in some cases retired as a result of the coup”

Thus, NATO de-facto recognized, that their people were in the ranks on the presumptive putschists

4. It was revealed that NATO aggressively promoted their agents, who then actively participated in the coup:

According to Erdogan’s supporters, thousands of Turkish officers recruited to Gulen’s network went up the ladder in their military career on “on high speed”, reaching ranks of generals and colonels in key positions. In sharp contrast, in the Kemalist army base, their former fellows remained captains or majors.

5. The three most important regiments which participated in the coup were part of Turkey’s ‘NATO Rapid Deployable Corps’. The registration plates on military vehicles of the putschists, show that they belonged to the 2nd Armoured Brigade, stationed in the Istanbul district of Kartal, and the 66th Mechanised Infantry Brigade, which is based in Hasdal together with the 6th Regiment. The transcript of WhatsApp messagess of the plotters, provided by Bellingcat showed that the group in communications also used the emblem and slogan used by NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps: “Peace at home, peace in the world.”.

6. And finally, once again the news from Yeni Safak. It revealed information that the Guvercinlik First Army Aviation Regiment’s Maintenance Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Murat Bolat told prosecutors that the US was ready to help them to assassinate Erdogan during the coup.

“Americans were to provide the exact coordinates of Erdoğan, if the team was unable to find him in the hotel. They also said that up to four persons with civil dress have been tracking Erdoğan “, – the Turkish newspaper quotes the rebel.

The same fact, that Erdogan’s newspaper attacks the US and NATO so fiercely corroborates that Turkish authorities are preparing for harsh anti-US moves, including leaving NATO. And they have a lot of the evidence of NATO’s involvement in the coup.


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