Louvre Abu Dhabi sea integration begins

Parts of the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum project built on land reclaimed from the sea has started to take in seawater in a controlled fashion as part of its vision as a “museum city on the sea”.

The Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) on Wednesday announced the process of removing the temporary sea protection walls, used during the main construction phase, and the integration of the sea with the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum project, has begun.

It marks a key step towards realising the vision for the project by its famous architect, Jean Nouvel.

The process is taking place in three stages within the temporary earth platform, an area of reclaimed land sitting four metres above sea level, from which all construction work to date has been completed.

Ali Majid Al Mansouri, chairman of the board at TDIC, said: “We are confident that once it is concluded, future visitors to Saadiyat Island will be able to see the beauty of Louvre Abu Dhabi and experience first-hand how the vision for this project has been turned into reality.”

The first stage of integrating the sea was regarding the various shallow tidal pools that surround the museum, which were filled with seawater.

The second stage has also been completed, where the remaining pumps were shut down and seawater was pumped inside the temporary hydraulic cut-off wall. Continual inspections were carried out to ensure that no evidence of water ingress was detected within the basement structure, which is protected by a sophisticated re-injectable double membrane waterproof system.

The third and final stage, which commenced this month, involves further pumping of seawater within the temporary walls and around the Louvre Abu Dhabi raising the water level to match the sea level. This will be followed by the removal of the hydraulic cut-off wall and the final construction of permanent marine sea defences which will complete the full integration of the sea with Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Project milestones

Completion of 180m-diameter dome, made up of four outer stainless steel layers and four inner layers, supported by a steel structure 5m high

Completion of installation work of 30,000 square metres of natural stone paving and the completion of its basement levels

Start of three-stage integration with the sea

Advanced work is currently under way on the main gallery spaces, entrance and administration buildings.

Source: gulfnews.com

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