Formula 1 track in Baku will be spectacular

On Wednesday, the well-known Spanish newspaper Marca published an article dedicated to the European Grand Prix F1 in Baku.


Marca claims that Azerbaijan paid 80 million Euros for hosting the F1 race. The publication also notes that the Spanish racer Fernando Alonso has received (or will receive) about 2 million for becoming the ambassador of the European Grand Prix.

How realistic is this information? This question was answered in Baku City Circuit Operations Company: “This information is not more than a guess, as it contains no source of information. We can not disclose the amount of the contribution, as this is confidential information, with non-proliferation obligations for all race promoters”.

In addition, published information that Lewis Hamilton tested the track in the capital of Azerbaijan, where the European Grand Prix will start in a few days, on the simulator – and was not too pleased. The article says that the world champion does not understand why the organizers of the Grand Prix no longer make street circuits like they used to.

“We are sure that after familiarization with the track Luis Hamilton will change his view of the Baku City Circuit and agree with other drivers regarding the attractiveness of the track. Hamilton tested the track of the Baku stage only on the simulator, but it does not always transmit all the technical features of the track and the sensations that can be experienced only when driving on a real track. Anyone who visited the track so far, including the representatives of the FIA and international journalists, expressed their admiration for the configuration of the track, and especially for a narrow portion along the walls of the old city.” – so the article was commented by Baku City Circuit Operations Company.


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