Dubai provided 4.7 million foreign unemployed with new jobs

Decent work, workers’ well-being constitute sustainable development in UAE

Acting Undersecretary at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Humaid Rashid bin Demas, said decent work and protecting workers’ well-being constitute a pillar for sustainable development in the UAE.

He was speaking at a ministerial meeting of the Asia and the Pacific group of countries, held by the International Labour Organisation as part of the 105th Session of the International Labour Conference, from 30th May-10th June to discuss the topic of building a future with decent work.

He said in the UAE, there are 4.7 million foreigner labourers working in the private sector based on temporary contracts where mutual benefit contributes to all areas of development in the country.

With billions of dollars in remittance funds being sent home each year, the foreign workforce contributes to the growth of their home countries’ economies and help improve living conditions of their families, Bin Demas noted.

“In the UAE, we fully recognise the fact that comprehensive sustainable development is not possible without providing decent work and eliminating all forms of discrimination. We developed our national legislation so as to guarantee decent work and establish balanced and productive relationships between parties to work contracts based on transparency and mutual consent to protect their rights,” Bin Demas added.


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