Turkey Just Killed Terrorists

First of all, I would like to state that I wrote this article to clarify the following issue: the Turkish state has launched operations in Syria not to kill Kurds but to destroy the PKK, which has been threatening Turkey’s indivisible integrity for many years. This operation, called Fountain of Peace Operation, was inevitable for the security of Turkey and for the solution of the Syrian problem that has become the problem of the whole world.

I am quite aware of the fact that the PKK and its supporters are lobbying in the press of many countries to speculate ‘Turkey is killing civilians’. We can understand this from the fact that the PKK tried to cast this slur on Turkey in the early hours of the operation by killing innocent civilians in a village where Christians constitute the majority. Unfortunately, you cannot see in mass media that the PKK engages in combat with Turkish armed forces disguised as civilians just to spread this false perception. In fact, as I was writing this article, you might not see the nine-month-old baby who died as a result of artillery shells fired by the PKK at the Turkish borders in the news. This baby’s family came from Syria and sought refuge in Turkey, sad, isn’t it?

In other words, as ‘some’ politicians say, ‘ethnic cleansing’ is absolutely out of the question!

As it is known, Trump has pulled US troops out of the area by doing the right thing, and it is planned that a safe zone will be created under Erdogan’s leadership as soon as possible. Besides, it is possible to say that the PKK, a violent terrorist organization that has been combating to damage Turkey’s internal security, economy and social life for years, will suffer a great loss. We’re talking about a terrorist organization that kills tens of thousands of people without making any exceptions between the young, elderly, women or men. This operation is very important for Turkey’s legitimate security. Unfortunately, there are people in the world who think that the PKK is a separate organization, but the YPG and the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) are the PKK itself, and the fact that some imperialist lobbies are making perception management with these name changes does not change this fact in any way.

It is also necessary to separate the PKK from the Kurds because the PKK is an instrument that claims to act for the independence of the already free Kurdish people but acts entirely in the interests of foreign powers. Please do not take the articles which discourse the connection between the Kurds and the PKK seriously.

Although the PKK has been declared as a terrorist organization by the United States and the EU and it is worth noting that it still receives serious support from them and these countries never reflect an honest policy.

Many political figures from Europe, the United States and even Israel have been making statements that the Turkish state carries out this operation to kill the Kurds. Of course, most press agencies do publications criticizing the Turkish state without acting objectively and without making research. It should be noted that Turkey is the country that considers and will consider the most about the welfare of the Kurds and in fact, it is a hypocritical approach for the countries that think against this to claim the Kurds based on lies just to realize their interests. It is outrageous to criticize Turkey, where the millions of Kurds have lived in the same land for centuries and millions of Syrian refugees has welcomed for several years, while most states have pursued policies to prevent the entry of a bunch of Syrian refugees fleeing from a bloody war. Recently, countries that do not raise voice to what China is doing in Xinjiang and Myanmar in Arakan are uniting and raising their voices in line with their interests against Turkey.

Turkish people know very well that the people who tore Iraq and Syria apart and realized the Arab Spring with politics have such a plan or idea about Turkey. Let them let us do the right thing for our own country regarding Syria, where we have a 920 km border and many of its citizens have been on our borders for years. I have no doubt that Turkey will always be on the side of the oppressed and will continue to disrupt the dirty policies of some countries.

You may rest assured of that.

By Emir Eksioglu 

Twiter @emireksioglu

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