Armenia uses Arsenal player of Armenian origin for its provocative purposes

Armenia uses the Arsenal player of Armenian origin for its prevocational purposes. A spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry Leyla Abdullayeva said this in response to a statement made by Armenian Foreign Ministry.
The Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesperson made a statement regarding the Europe League Final and said that H.Mkhitaryan would not go to Baku.
Azerbaijan has informed that security will be fully ensured for all players who will participate in the final match of the UEFA Europa League in Baku on May 29, including the player of Arsenal football club H. Mkhitaryan, as well as all the fans, Abdullayeva stressed.
“Personally, as a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, in response to questions addressed in this context, I have repeatedly noted that Azerbaijan does not generalize sport with politics. It is not the first time that Azerbaijan hosts prestigious sporting events, and athletes of Armenian origin also participated in numerous sporting events held so far in our capital”, she noted.
According to her, the statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry regarding the Arsenal player’s refusal to come to Baku shows the efforts of this country to turn sport into a political tool due to internal political problems.
“The participation of the Armenian Foreign Ministry in such a plan is only regrettable. Unfortunately, this step once again clearly demonstrated that Armenia is not ready to prepare the people for peace, as noted in the statements of the co-chairs of the Minsk Group. Unfortunately, Armenia uses an Arsenal player of Armenian origin for its provocative purposes. It also demonstrated that first of all, the Armenian people need to prepare for peace. It is unthinkable and ridiculous that the mono-ethnic country, Armenia, which conducts ethnic cleansing in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, accuses Azerbaijan of racism. The coexistence of different religions and ethnic groups in an atmosphere of peace and tolerance in Azerbaijan is well known throughout the world. The high-level organization of the final match of the UEFA Europa League in Baku, acquaintance with foreigners (both football players and fans) going to our country with the real situation in Azerbaijan, will be the best answer to the unfounded accusations of the Armenian Foreign Ministry”, Abdullayeva said.

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