Saudi passport office employs 290 policewomen across kingdom

Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Passports launched its first stage of a training program to enroll 290 policewomen in nine regions across the kingdom, and which will last for two weeks, under the supervision of the department’s training center.

Major General Suleiman bin Abdulaziz al-Yahya said in a statement published by Saudi Press Agency, that the program is the first to be held in the kingdom, during which the policewomen get trained on the processing procedures of checking documents in addition to acquiring  skills of dealing with the public.

The Saudi official said that the program represents the first stage of qualifying the new enrolled policewomen in the department.

He added that each policewoman has to pass the stages before she takes up her job, pointing out that the appointments of this batch in the General Directorate of Passports, come under the guidance of the wise leadership to achieve the kingdom’s vision of 2030.

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