Pakistani driver perfects Saudi accent, turns into a poet

After being influenced by the accent of Saudi tribes and mingling with public transport drivers, Pakistani expatriate Abed Hussein, who works as a driver himself, began writing Nabataean poetry with outstanding poetic verses and rhymes.

“I was born in Madinah and grew up in al-Ghat. During my childhood I went back to my country for five years, then I returned to Saudi Arabia and stayed here permanently,” Abed Hussein told Al Arabiya English.

Abed, who wears the Saudi costume, was able to perfect the Saudi accent and memorize poems by sitting with elderly tribesmen.

When I hear a poems I enjoy them, and I make an effort to memorize them despite my cousins being upset that I rarely visit them,” Hussein said.

Hussein’s father was a farmer in Madinah and all of his family members are Pakistani.

Hussein applied to a poetry competition in the kingdom and was able to impress the judges with one of his poems, and how he recited it in a perfect accent.

Hussein said his interest in poetry started during his many gatherings with other drivers who used to recite poems in front of each other as a way of entertaining themselves.

“I fell in love with Saudi Nabataean poetry and I keept memorizing and reciting it. Perhaps the poetry of Mohammed al-Sudairy is the closest to me,” he said.

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