Yemeni children killed by Houthi missile in district near Hodeidah


Yemeni news agency Saba reported on Friday that many children were killed and others were injured when the Houthi militia fired a missile on al-Durahmi district, which is a key strategic point to enter Hodeidah port city.

A local source said that the missile targeted children playing outdoors in a newly liberated village of Ghalifka, from the pro-Iranian militias.

The residents of the village- which witnessed a massacre by the Houthis against its people- have recently returned to it after years of displacement.

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On the other hand and in al-Bayda governorate, Yemeni sources said that Houthi militias’ checkpoints practice arbitrary against hundreds of families passing through in the city of Rada’a.

Witnesses said the militias in Rada’a detained hundreds of families at these checkpoints,  mostly women, children and elderly, and prevented them from continuing in their buses to Sanaa or Hadramout, Shabwa, and Marib and other governorates for Eid holiday.

The witnesses said the civilians were detained for several hours, making commuting from Sanaa to other governorates risky as they might be subjected to arrest, abduction and confiscation of money or any valuable belongings.

Passengers say they have been subjected to frequent detention and search whenever they leave Sanaa to other areas, adding that the militias confiscate their valuable belongings and phones near checkpoints, the worst one, is under the control of a Houthi militant called “Abu Hashem” in al-Bayda and is known for its bad reputation of aggressiveness towards the civilians.

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