US and Russia prepare to launch FRESH conflict in Syria WITHOUT support of China

However, they will be doing so without the help of China after the Asian superpower denied reports they intended to send troops to support the effort.

Chinese special envoy to Syria, Xie Xiaoyan, said: “Recently, some media speculations that China is going to get involved in the Syrian conflict emerged. That is a false picture of the Chinese policy.

“Arab media, which issues the relevant material, later explained that China had no military presence in Syria.

“China is strongly advocating the settlement of the conflict only by peaceful means, and China has never sent its troops to Syria.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry added: “China opposes all forms of terrorism and is willing to strengthen anti-terrorism cooperation with the international community, including Syria, to safeguard security and stability in the region and around the world.

“China has no military presence in Syria.”

China has played a greater economic role in the conflict, pouring money into Syria’s reconstruction instead of committing troops on the ground.

Since the Syrian Civil War broke out in 2011, the US and Russia have been backing different local forces in their attempts to defeat ISIS and other local terrorists groups

The US are working with the Syrian Democratic Forces who are a group of local fighters, the majority of which are Kurdish.

Whereas Russia and Iran are working with the Syrian military.

Russia has been engaged heavily through airstrikes in the region, while Iran has developed a prominent presence on the ground.

The US and Russia are now reportedly preparing to launch new battles in different parts of the country, in the hope of defeating the so-called Islamic State.

Pro-Syrian government forces are focusing their attention around the last remaining rebel-held territories in the north-west province of Idlib.

Conflict has been increasing in recent weeks in what is hoped will be the last major operation against rebel insurgents.

Turkey has also become heavily involved in the conflict as a number of their military posts are located in the affected regions.

Peace talks are ongoing and Russia has stated it is open to working with Turkey to come up with a solution to the conflict.


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