Israeli Defense Minister and Qatari envoy met secretly to discuss Gaza

Israeli Channel 10 TV revealed that a secret meeting between Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Qatar’s envoy to Palestine Mohamad al-Ammadi took place in Cyprus regarding Gaza.

The Israeli channel said that the meeting between the Qatari envoy and Lieberman in Cyprus, was held secretly on June 22, and discussed the arrangements for the Gaza Strip and funding from Doha.

According to the channel,  Lieberman was on a business trip to Cyprus during which al-Ammadi arrived on the island, and the two held a quick meeting to discuss the cease-fire and a truce between Hamas and Israel.

Al-Ammadi offered Lieberman several Qatari proposals to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip.

The two sides also discussed the issue of Israeli prisoners and missing Hamas militants.

Reports indicated that Israel rejected proposals for mediation with Hamas through Qatar, preferring to rely on the Egyptian role and other parties.


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