Arab Coalition: Many Houthi leaders killed in air raid on Yemen’s Saada

A senior source in the Arab coalition backing the legitimate Yemeni National Army confirmed that a number of Houthi leaders were killed in the air raid launched on Thursday morning on Saada.

The source said that the air raid killed Houthi leader Ali Salah al-Fayee, who is responsible for recruiting and training young children who are sent later on to the battlefields, in addition to the killing of Muhammed Abdullah Sittin, one of the most prominent trainers on weapons.

He added that many others were wounded in the air raid, including sniper trainer, who goes by the nickname Abu al-Ezz al-Marani.

Saada operation is a legitimate military action

Earlier in the day, the official spokesman of the Arab Coalition in Yemen, Colonel Turki al-Malki, announced that the coalition launched an operation in Saada against Houthi elements who fired a ballistic missile on Jizan in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday evening.

The spokesman of the coalition said that “the targeting that took place today in the governorate of Saada, is a legitimate military action to target elements that planned and carried out attacks targeting civilians yesterday evening in Jizan that killed and wounded civilians.”

He added that this operation was “implemented in accordance with international humanitarian law and customary rules.”

He added that the coalition targeted the Houthi militia members who were inside the bus, pointing out that they are the planners and operators of the missiles launch pads, warning that these elements hide among civilians.

Colonel al-Malki said the coalition will take all necessary actions against the criminal, terrorist acts of pro-Iranian Houthi militias, such as the recruitment and placement of children on battle fronts and “using them as tools to cover for their terrorist acts.”

He stressed that the Houthi leaders and terrorist elements responsible for firing ballistic missiles and targeting civilians will be targeted as part of the coalition efforts to prevent terrorist elements from harming regional and international security.

Colonel al-Malki further said that one Yemeni resident was killed due to the shrapnel from the exploded missile while 11 others were slightly injured.


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