Yemen’s army: 25 Houthis killed in an offensive in al-Bayda

The Yemeni National Army launched an offensive to complete the liberation of al-Malajim district in al-Bayda early Thursday.

According to General Moufreeh Bouhailh, leader of Bayhan brigade in western Yemen, the assault was launched from al-Hajfah region and reached Afar, liberating around 40 Km, with 18 Km still to be liberated in order to enter Afar’s strategic junction to bloc  shipments to the Houthi militias in different areas, including al-Bayda city.

The Yemeni General confirmed reports that fighting is still going on with huge casualties among the Houthis, saying around 25 members of the militia were killed including tens injured, while the Yemeni army seized different kind of weapons.

He added that liberating the whole al-Bayda governorate is just a matter of time, confirming that the military operations against the Houthi militias will continue until the liberation of Yemen as a whole.


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