Turkey ‘top 3’ in organ transplants from live donors

Turkey is among top three countries of the world in kidney and liver transplants from live donors, according to the Turkish Transplant Coordinators Association head on Wednesday.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency at the International Transplant Congress in Spanish capital Madrid, Dr. Yavuz Selim Cinar said Turkey trained some 3,000 people from 76 countries in three years in organ transplant procedures as part of an International Transplant Network (ITN) project.

Cinar said around 2 million people in the world, including over 25,000 people in Turkey, are on the waiting lists for organ transplants.

“Unfortunately, about 10 percent of these patients pass away each year before having access to an appropriate organ.

“Surely, the most important factor limiting organ transplants in Turkey — as it is in the world — is supply of organs, a major problem.”

He said Turkey ranks among the first three countries in live transplants because it is a technologically-advanced country compared to many countries in terms of field experience.

Cinar said they are working to advance at similar levels in transplants from cadavers.

He also emphasized that they are focusing on health workers’ training, strengthening technical infrastructure, as well as conducting awareness activities to increase organ donation in the society.

“In the near future, we will have our name written in front of many countries because we have the scientific and technical infrastructure that will provide it, [as well as] the relevant non-governmental organizations,” Cinar said.

He said Turkey will become a promising country for organ transplantation from cadavers in the world when cadaver donations increase, just as it is promising in live transplants.

According to the Health Ministry, the number of liver transplants in Turkey so far are 1,087 from live donors, 359 from cadavers, while kidney transplants from live donors are 2,647, and 693 from cadavers, he added.


Source : www.aa.com.tr

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