Summer activities in Azerbaijan

When summer is right around the corner people search for places to go, activities to do in order to spend the best time of their lives. In Baku, a wide variety of summer activities can be found for enjoyment, and relaxation. The city is of romantic character. Venice spirit can be felt nearby the Caspian seashore by visiting “Small Town of Venice”, one of the most visited places by tourists. As soon as the sun goes over the horizon, bright golden lights flash before the eyes. At night, the city is especially mesmerizing.

To connect with beautiful and healing nature

Naftalan is a city famous for medical oil extraction. The miraculous properties of this oil are famous throughout the world. On the territory of the city there are sanatorium hotels. In order to undergo treatment with oil in sanatoria, a full medical examination is conducted, and the doctor prescribes appropriate treatment.

Sheki, the concentration of the country’s historical heritage is located in the Southern foothills of the Greater Caucasus. City’s climate is very different that of Baku, it is fresher and cooler here. In the city, it is possible and necessary to visit the Sheki fortress, the Palace of the Sheki Khans, the Upper and Lower caravan shed and many other places. Besides historical and architectural wealth, its cuisine is also credible. Here you can try the famous Sheki halva, and also see how it is actually made.

To Laze in the sun

Azerbaijan is the unique case where within a country the majority of the existing climatic zones (9 out of 11) are found and it is not surprising that the favourable climate makes the Caspian coast of Azerbaijan the center of beach tourism in the summer. Formally, the beach season on most of the Absheron coast lasts from June to September. Every year, to swim in the warm waters of the Caspian Sea, admire the stunning local scenery and, of course, take a break from the daily bustle, thousands of tourists come to Azerbaijan. Public beach areas along the Caspian coast include Shikh, Novkhany, Mardakan, Zagulba, Govsany, and Nardaran, which give pure and vivid emotions, and also a sense of relaxation.

Festivals to attend 

Attending music festivals also color Baku’s summer life. Zhara Music Festival deserves a credit when speaking of festivals hold. Zhara is an international music festival, which takes place every summer in Baku, on the coast of the Caspian Sea. The festival has become the largest music event in the CIS countries, receiving great interest both from tourists and residents of the country.

Gabala Musical Festival is also a solemn event. The festival brings together famous musicians from different countries including USA, France, Israel, Mexico, Cuba, Russia, Italy and so on. Prominent musicians from all over the world, moreover, famous philharmonic and symphonic orchestras perform in the festival.

Food festivals in the regions are also very captivating. Especially, watermelon festival in Sabirabad is welcomed with great interest. These kinds of festivals are worth visiting.

Annually, country’s Goychay region hosts “pomegranate holiday”, attended by prominent figures and politicians of the country, ambassadors, artists, both local and foreign tourists.


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