Saudi women with notarization license accept new work challenge

Saudi women are obtaining notarization licenses to work in private notary departments at the ministry of justice.

“Since this is the first time women pursue and accept this profession, we are excited about this new challenge and willing to show our hard work and commitment,” a recently licensed woman at a private notary said.

“We are the first to join this busy profession, but we expect many women to join us soon… There is so much to learn, issuing and canceling power of attorneys, notarizing documents and other legal services we offer help us learn and understand the legal system,” she added.

According to the ministry of justice, private notaries can issue and cancel powers of attorney (PoAs), and notarize corporate charters and property conveyances. Their private offices work in the mornings and evenings, seven days a week, using an integrated digital system.

Licensed private notaries total more than 13,000, and the ministry of justice announced its plans to continue granting licenses while observing the quality of services provided, the ministry said.

Recent statistics published by ministry of justice show that private notaries have issued around 30,000 PoAs, canceled 272 PoAs, and certified around 3,000 corporate charters since the service was launched in February, 2017.

The PoAs and corporate charters certified by private notaries are accepted by all government departments and judicial entities, the ministry said.

“The private notarization service is one of the ministry’s NTP 2020 initiatives, aiming at enhancing notarial efficiency for individuals and companies by involving the private sector. This will bring about more privatization of justice services and boost the national economy in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030,” the ministry explained.


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