Saudi security forces launch assault on drug smugglers

In its continuous war on drug, Saudi Arabia’s security forces arrested 1,628 among them 604 Saudi nationals, for drug crimes in the past year.

According to Saudi security sources the assault on drug smugglers- from 41  nationalities- which happened between September 2017 till March 2018, is considered a big blow to smugglers in the Kingdom.

The assault by the Saudi security specialized units was faced by armed resistance from smugglers leading to the killing of 10 smugglers and wounding 21 others, while 33 security officers were wounded as well.

During the operation, the security forces seized the following:

1- 20,417,349 tablets of amphetamine (Captagon)
2- 18,197 tons of hashish
3- 6.5 kg of raw heroin
4- Almost 79 kg of impure heroin
5- Around 2 kg of cocaine
6- Just over 32 kg of anesthesia
7- More than 19 kg of opium
8- 1,962,044 regulated medicinal pills
9- A total amount of SR 24,746,443 was seized
10- 439 assorted weapons
11- 13,086 various live rounds of bullets.


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