Gold continues to rise in price in Azerbaijan

Prices for precious metals in Azerbaijan continue on July 26 the rise, which started on July 23, according to the data published by the country’s Central Bank.

The price of gold increased by 11,7725 manats 2093,6775 manats per ounce in the country on July 26, compared to the price on July 25.

The price of silver increased by by 0,227 manats to 26,5226 manats per ounce.

The price of platinum increased by 12,7415 manats to 1430,2865 manats.

Meanwhile, the price of palladium increased by 34,408 manats to 1588,905 manats in the country.

Precious metals July 26, 2018 July 25, 2018
Gold XAU 2093,6775 2081,905
Silver XAG 26,5226 26,2956
Platinium XPT 1430,2865 1417,545
Palladium XPD 1588,905 1554,497


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