Every fifth tourist in Azerbaijan comes from the Gulf

In January-June 2018, 1.325 million foreigners and stateless persons from 189 countries visited Azerbaijan, which is 10.2 percent more than in the same period in 2017, the State Border Service told on Tuesday, according to Report.
According to the State Statistics Committee, 30.5 percent of all tourists came from Russia, 21.1 percent from Georgia, 11.1 percent from Iran, 10.8 percent from Turkey, 3.6 percent from the UAE, 2.1 percent from Iraq, 2 percent from Ukraine, 18.7 percent – from other countries, 0.1 percent – stateless persons.
14.1 percent of foreigners and stateless persons came to Azerbaijan in January, 12.5 percent in February, 20.9 percent in March, 16.5 percent in April, 15.7 percent in May, and 20.3 percent in June of the current year.
In comparison with the first half of 2017, the number of Kuwaiti citizens who came to Azerbaijan increased by 5.1 times, Saudi Arabia by 3.5 times, Bahrain by 2.6 times, Qatar by 2.1 times, Oman – 1.6 times, Iraq – 44.3 times and UAE citizens – 8.8 times
The number of arrivals from Iran decreased by 18.8 percent.
The total number of visitors from the Gulf countries increased by 4.9 percent, amounting to 276,600 people, and almost one in 5 tourists came from the Gulf countries. In general, every fifth tourist in Azerbaijan comes from the Gulf.
The number of people who came from the EU member states increased by 6.3 percent to 53,500 people during the reporting period, from the CIS countries increased by 7.5 percent to 478.300 people.


Source : minval.az

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