Egypt investigation units find eyewitness, new evidence in children murder case

Egyptian security units have been investigating the shocking case involving three children who were burned to death, and thrown near a dump in black garbage bags in the city of Giza.

Even though CCTV footage near the area in the al-Maryoteya district could not capture the grueling act as it was placed far from the dumpster, investigation units were able to find an eyewitness who was there when the incident happened.

Local newspapers quoted an Egyptian security source familiar with the investigations as saying that the coming hours will reveal important information about the perpetrators, as well as the area where they transferred the bodies of the children to the dumpster.

The failed CCTV footage prompted detectives to expand the reach and number of surveillance cameras to shops and nearby streets that lead to the scene of the crime in an attempt to see if the perpetrators return to the area.

Local newspapers also reported that investigation units found a leather glove allegedly used by the perpetrators, which was left behind with the bodies. They are currently trying to extract fingerprints from the glove, local reports said.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the perpetrators reached the dumpster from one of the neighboring areas to al-Maryoteya. They are currently investigating the two main roads that lead to the area, suspecting that the perpetrators may have thrown the bodies from atop a bridge.

Investigation reports identified the children to be of 18 months, two and five.

Residents of Al Maryoteya district reported Tuesday morning an unpleasant smell that kept increasing day by day in a garbage pile near a deserted villa close to a hotel.


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