Assad’s forces expand control in Daraa as ‘rebels agree to surrender

Assad regime forces expanded their areas of control in the surroundings of Daraa al-Balad as they seized the area of Gharz, southeast of Daraa, Al-Jumruk al-Qadeem and Al-Hagana Battalion southwest of the city, the regime’s media outlets reported.

The current progress comes after controlling all the borders with Jordan, the report said, adding that the Syrian regime helicopters dropped warning leaflets on Al-Hara village in the northwestern Daraa countryside where the highest hill in the city is located.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the regime has expanded its control over more areas following  reconciliation with opposition factions and civilians. It added that the regime and its militias now support 80% of the governorate.

Rebels in four towns in Syria’s southern province of Daraa have agreed to hand over their weapons to the Syrian army, state news agency SANA reported.

This was part of a deal between the government and the rebels in the towns of Samlin, Kafar Shams, Kafar Nasej and Akraba, the report said.

Meanwhile, the regime forces suddenly escalated its aerial shelling on Idlib’s western and northern countryside.


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