Arab Coalition shoots down a Houthi drone in Yemen’s Aden

Security sources in Yemen’s Aden confirmed that Arab Coalition air defenses have shot down on Thursday a Houthi drone after it tried to target its headquarters in al-Braiqa north-west of the city.

The sources said no casualties resulted from shooting down the drone.

Last Friday, the legitimate Yemeni forces shot down the third Iran-made Houthi drone carrying explosives in the Durahemi district in Hodeidah.

The army forces tracked down and targeted the plane, before it crashed in an empty area in the district and exploded.

The sources added that Houthi planes are equipped with inadequate technology, and are often used to spy on the Yemeni legitimate government and carry explosives.

Houthi militias, whose attacks have been continuously foiled, resorted to using aircraft to carry out intelligence or suicide operations. The most recent attack on Hodeidah airport, which was later restored, was blocked by the Yemeni army and the Arab Coalition.

Last April, the Coalition spokesman, Turki al-Malki, said two Houthi aircraft that share specifications with Iranian aircraft models, were shot down in Saudi Arabia.

A report by Conflict Armament Research in London has recently said that Iran had provided unmanned aircraft to Houthis that were smuggled to them along with weapons.


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