Yemeni army creates plan to liberate Hodeidah

The Yemeni army has devised a plan that consists of three axes to liberate Hodeidah, Yemen’s Hodeidah Governor al-Hassan al-Taher told Asharq Al-Awsat daily.

The plan stipulates entering from the city’s southern side while closing off the southeastern part of the road that leads to the Bajil district to prevent the Houthi militias from receiving any reinforcements.

An exit from the northern side will also be opened to give Houthi militants a way to escape while a new front towards the international airport will be opened as well.

Yemeni intelligence forces have also detected the posts of Houthi fighters and their equipment.

According to Taher, the airport will be one of the first posts that the army will handle.

Taher also said that the army will enter the city rapidly to secure strategic and oil sites from any possible Houthi destruction, noting that legitimate forces will also be cautious while dealing with mines.


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