Moscow will authorize a military operation to destroy Artsakh

Russian political scientist Oleg Kuznetsov thinks that today Armenia is a field for clash of geostrategic interests of Russia and USA, reports.
“If Pashinyan follows Saakashvili’s example and dislodges Russian military presence from the territory of Armenia, it will be a solid compensation to Washington for the loss of geopolitical influence in the Anterior Asia”, – the political scientist said to«».

According to Oleg Kuznetsov’s opinion, dislodging of Russian influence from Armenia will have two serious consequences for Russia. First of all, the influence of Armenian lobby on domestic political processes in Russia will sharply weaken, “which would trigger the withdrawal of two main Armenian lobbyists – speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko and current Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov”. Secondly, “Azerbaijan will remain the only country in the South Caucasus, which has good-neighborly relations with Russia, so Kremlin will have no choice about their ally in the South Caucasus”.

According to Oleg Kuznetsov, “the role of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia as a factor of regional geopolitics, relevant for all Islamic Asia, will only increase”.
As a result of Armenia’s distancing from Russia, the possibility that “Moscow will authorize Azerbaijan’s military operation to liberate of occupied territories and destroy the terrorist quasi-state – Artsakh” increases. After that a regional security triangle MoscowAnkaraBaku will be established and the region of South Caucasus will finally get the stability and security, Oleg Kuznetsov concluded.


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