Iraqi policeman at site of explosion, fire raises suspicions

An Iraqi policeman in a Reuters photograph from Sunday when a fire erupted at a ballot box warehouse in Iraq had appeared in a photo on June 6 near Baghdad’s Sadr City district where an explosion killed at least 18 and injured dozens others.

His presence in the locations of the incidents led many to speculate that he had something to do with them. Social media pages went abuzz by Monday morning with many claiming he was a terrorist.

However, the policeman, identified as Walid Abed al-Rida, was simply near the explosion at the Sadr City district because he lives there. As for being present when the fire erupted at the warehouse, Rida’s job is to actually guard the warehouses of the elections’ offices.

Circulating rumors about him jeopardized his life as many social media users posted his photo online and some accused him of planning both incidents despite the fact that these allegations are baseless.


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