Beggar hides Dh100,000 in artificial limb, caught on Eid

The Dubai Police nabbed a beggar who had stashed Dh45,000 in his artificial limb. That was not all, the cops also recovered an additional Dh55,000 from him — taking the total amount recovered to a whopping Dh100,000.

The beggar – an Asian man in his sixties – was caught during an anti-begging campaign on the first day of Eid Al Fitr after the Dhuhr prayer when he was spotted by police patrols at Al Qouz area. On being frisked, the police found Dh45,000 hidden in his artificial limb and seized Dh55,000 more from him.

The beggar was on a visit visa and entered the country only a month back. The police have taken the proper legal procedures against the man. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs has been notified regarding the company which had issued the visa to him.
Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief of Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said during the campaign, 243 beggars of different nationalities, including 136 men and 107 women, were arrested.

Out of the nabbed beggars, 195 came on visit visas. Some of them cited their profession as businessman and 48 had valid residency visas.

Al Mansouri pointed out that the ugly practice of begging is being rooted out by the authorities concerned because it sullies the aesthetic and civilised look of the emirate. The beggars often use tricks and ways to attract, deceive or gain sympathy of the people by using fraudulent methods. Some use the money to fund other criminal activities.

He pointed out that the anti-begging campaign is organised by Dubai Police annually before the start of the holy month of Ramadan and continues until the end of Eid Al Fitr. He said the sustained campaigns have led to a drop of beggars. The companies which bring them on visit visas are also being nailed, Al Mansouri added.

He stressed that police have been combating begging throughout the year and teams have been fanned out in every nook and cranny to step up patrols. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs, the Department of Islamic Affairs, and the Municipality of Dubai and many other government entities are collaborating with the Dubai Police to flush out beggars.

7 Arab women beggars arrested

Seven Arab women of different nationalities were arrested during the last days of Ramadan, said Colonel Ali Salem Al Shamsi, director of the Department of Combating Infiltrators in Dubai Police.

Some of them entered houses with open doors in residential neighbourhoods to beg, which scared the owners who informed the police about their trespassing.

One of them even sneaked into a bedroom of a house, which was open. She was arrested before she could carry out theft. Two of the arrested women beggars were sisters and resorted to the same method while begging, Al Shamsi said.

He pointed out no cases of begging were detected via the social media during the current year.

The number of beggars has dropped significantly this year due to the awareness campaigns organised by the police, he said, adding that the people have been reporting about beggars and cooperating with the cops.

An Asian man was spotted by a police patrol begging in Al Qusais area on the road dividing Sharjah and Dubai, Al Shamsi said. To avoid being caught by the Dubai Police, he moved towards the Sharjah side. However, his trick didn’t work for long as he was nabbed soon.

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