Al-Majmal village: A historic nature gem in southwestern Saudi Arabia

The people of Al-Majmal village, in southwestern Saudi Arabia, have succeeded over the years in preserving the historic architectural and agricultural essence of their village, adding more to this naturally beautiful place.

Residents at the village, located in the governorate of Qonfoza in Assir, mostly work in land cultivation. The owners of these farms are keen to take advantage of them throughout the year.

The village is characteristically known for its agricultural terraces which are fed with rain water, as well as its dense forests and vast pastures.

Al-Majmal is a summer residence destination for many Saudis, given that temperatures are between 20 to 30 degrees celsius during morning time, and between 15 to 20 degrees celsius in the evening.

During winter season, frost begins to accumulate in the morning due to coldness, with temperatures hitting 15 degrees celsius. While in the evening they go as low as 5 degrees celsius.

Al Arabiya English captures Al-Mujmal’s natural beauty in this picture album
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