“Abnaa Al Khair” Hosts Special Ramadan Iftar, for More Than 1,260 Children at the Red Sea Mall

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – June 2018: For the sixth consecutive year, Red Sea Mall hosted more than 1,000 orphans from various charities, 150 deaf and mute children and 110 blind and children with different disabilities, with their 300 companions at the annual “Abnaa Al Khair” initiative, organized in cooperation with “AlaMazaji” groupsand several national companies, as well as several businessmen and businesswomen. The ceremony was attended by a large number of families in need, where the ground floor entrance no. 2 and 3 was assigned as the venue for this year’s event.

Commenting on the initiative,Executive Member of Red Sea Markets Limited, owning company of Red Sea Mall, Aidrous Al Bar said:”The month of Ramadan is the month of cooperation and compassion, and in recognition of these values, the mall has been organizing this annual initiative since 2013, whereby it aims at bringing together all the good people in one place to spread joy among orphansand numerous families in dire need. The objective of this initiative is to re-affirm and reiterate the noble values that characterize the Saudi society, that is encouraged by the true faith in terms of extending support and caring for the orphans.”

“The huge success of “Abnaa Al Khair” is reflected in the figures andthe number of children and families we host, as well as in the increasing interest of parties to support this initiative, which is a testament of social responsibility in the truest sense. Today, we are extremely happy to see this bright picture reflecting the compassion that the true faith advises and we hope that interactions and initiatives such as these will continue to build connections among the society members. I would like to thank everyone who has supported us and has been with us to make this event a success since its launch, especially “Ala Mazaji” groups, national companies, and philanthropists in our community”. Al Bar added.

Mohammed AlAsiri, Unit Marketing Manager at Red Sea Mall expressed his thanks and appreciation to “Ala Mazaji” groups and their contribution to the success of this blessed event over the course of this initiative that was organized for the sixth consecutive year. He said: “The active partnership between our team and other participating organizations has played a major role in the success of this year’s event, both in terms of coordination, direction and reception of guests, business men and women as well as children and their families.”

“We made surethat the sixth annual celebration of “Abnaa Al Khair”initiative this year included many programs in the forefront of the entertainment program, which featured performances and entertainment games located in the center, such as In10so circuit for karting, bowling and billiards, as well as exciting action-based video games and PlayStation. The families who participated in the event also took a shopping tour of the mall, and the children were given coupons to buy clothes for Eid”, AlAsiriadded.

Several charitable and voluntary associations participated in this event, including Dar al-Zahra (Al-Barr Association), Dar Al-Fityan (Al-Barr Association), Beit Al-Rafeef (Al-Faisaliah Society), The Model Education Foundation, and Dar Al Zohour in Makkah.The deaf and mute club also participated in the ceremony along with the group for meaningful life of people with special needs – Nadaa Al Amal Center for People with Special Needs and House of Basbousa.

This year’s event was also supported by several tenants at Red Sea Mall, where“AhlAwal”Restaurant donated 1,000 meals, Subway donated 160 meals, the London Restaurant donated 50 meals, House of Donuts donated 6 boxes of donuts, Tala Dates donated dates for 1,500 people, Danube donated drinks for 1,500 people and distributed Danube coupons to children.

The mall has succeeded in developing entertainment programs that are well-suitedfor children of various age groups, in addition to educational programs that the mall has excelled in implementing throughout the year as a pioneer in the world of entertainment.

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