Saudi Aramco to plant one million trees in eastern Saudi Arabia

Aramco launched a campaign to grow one million trees in Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, in line with the National Transformation Program 2020.

The intiative by the top oil producer includes planting 26 types of trees and seedlings that do not consume large amounts of water, in order to preserve the kingdom’s natural resources.

Aramco indicated that it will use treated water in this initiative after its has been disinfected and sterilized.

Aramco, in statements to Al, that it will use trees with specific charateritics that match the kingdom’s dry climate, including ones like Al Sammar, Al Ghaf, Al Badal, Al Salam, Al Talh, Al Athal and those the do not need lots of water.

Amin Nasser, CEO of Saudi Aramco, said: “Saudi Arabia, with its desert climate, is home to many unique environments that demand high care. So we are keen to ensure that our initiative of planting one million trees by 2025 has five elements to enhance sustainability and quality of life.”

Nasser added that in addition to not relying on groundwater in the project, innovative technology will be used to reduce the required amounts of irrigation water by up to 70%.

He noted that the million-tree project will also create a shield that would reduce the effects of sandstorms, and will also absorb 20 thousand tons of carbon dioxide each year.

In addition, he said it will provide an environment suitable for activities such as hiking, walking and exercising, to improve life quality in those areas, in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.


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