Pakistani restaurants that you must visit in Dubai

With Ramadan right around the corner and the summer heat starting to kick in, it’s ironic that one of the biggest sources of entertainment might just be dining out!

I come from Karachi, where every plan begins with “Where are we going to eat?” which is why I’ve carefully picked out seven of my favourite Pakistani restaurants in Dubai for you. Read on to know which places you definitely need to try and what to order once you get there.

If you’re a fan of Nihari and beef that melts in your mouth, look no further than B&B. Located near Lamcy Plaza and more recently in Motor City, BnB Cricket Bar serves arguably the best Nihari in Dubai. They also serve great Halwa Puri, which is a very popular ‘weekend breakfast’ back home.

Located in four different areas across Dubai, I love the Kebab Shop because of their incredible Kebab Masala tucked away in the signature curries section on their menu. The Kebab Masala is a thick curry made with a unique blend of spices and juicy seekh kababs (BBQ’ed minced meat kebabs) which goes best with fresh tandoori rotis and raita.

I don’t know where to begin and where to end with these guys. There are so many great options on their menu that I have a hard time selecting what to order. Luckily, they have a buffet option which I almost always opt for because a little bit of all the good stuff is better than a lot of one good dish!

If you are planning to lose weight, don’t even think about going there. The buffet ranges from a range BBQ’d meats, curries, seafood and even Chinese food. The best part about their buffet is the huge BBQ grill that sits on your table so that you can have piping hot food without having to get up.

Spinzer serves a variety of Pakistani dishes such as Bun kababs, curries and BBQ. But the reason why this restaurant made it to this list is because of their Kebab rolls. Kebab rolls are the desi equivalent of fast food wraps which come in a variety of chicken and mutton flavours. If you are trying to stay fit they also serve these rolls in a Chapati rather than a deep-fried paratha. As a rule, don’t forget to ask for extra chutney to really give those rolls the extra zing!

What good is a list of Pakistani restaurants without Biryani? There have many been claims about places claiming to serve the best biryani in the UAE, but for me, the Pak Lyari’s Mutton biryani is a clear winner. Tucked away in Meena Bazaar, Pak Lyari takes you to a trip back home with just one bite of their mutton biryani. If you are not a fan of mutton, their chicken Biryani is equally good. Of course, your meal won’t be complete without the Zafrani Kheer for dessert.

Yes, a lot of their cuisine is Afghani, but I’m not one to let geography come in the way of amazing food. Located in Barsha and more recently in Al Nahda Dubai, Wakha is my go-to place for Chapli Kababs. Apart from Chapli Kebabs, I would highly recommend their chops, Afghani Pulao and Shinwari Karahi.

The only downside is the long queue outside the restaurant on weekends and the fact that the food takes a while to get to your table. But that’s because all their dishes are cooked fresh, so maybe that isn’t such a downside after all. Locations Al Barsha and Al Nahda Cost for two people Dh140 (If you order wisely)The peculiar name of this restaurant stems from the history of this restaurant. It was a small roadside establishment aimed at selling biryani to students, hence the name Student Biryani. Since then the outlet has come a long way adding more items to their menu. Although their biryani is a top contender for being one of the best, I love this place for their Haleem, Shami Kebabs and their piping hot tandoori roti.


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